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Motivational Movies Bollywood

Movies has always been an important part of our life. Motivational movies bollywood has a great influence in everyone’s life especially in India, where people love watching movies. In India movie production is a huge industry where movies are produced in many different languages, and in different genres. Motivational movies attracts a huge amount of followers, as they inspire us and are mostly based on true events.

Motivational movies bollywood are true inspiration for everyone. These movies are highly inspiring and motivates us in every sphere of life. Bollywood movies has a great fan following the world over, mainly because of its content and storyline. There are more than hundreds of inspiring movies in bollywood that are blockbuster and people really love them.

In this article I will take you through 5 best motivational movies bollywood that are super hit and all time favourite amongst all movie lovers :

I Am Kalam

I am kalam - positiveping

This movie I am Kalam is one of my favourite movie amongst motivational movies bollywood of all time. This movie is highly inspiring and comes with a great message to the society. This movie depicts similar life story of Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam about his childhood. Movie is about a child who is very intelligent and has a very clear dream of becoming a successful human in life. In this movie Chhotu a kid who works in a dhaba to run his family is a main character who is quite brilliant. Chhotu is not a ordinary kid who is afraid of his declining economic condition, but a strong and smart fighter.

I am Kalam is inspired by the extraordinary life of president Kalam, and Chhotu wants to become similar to him. This movie further depicts about his journey of meeting new people and learning and discovering new skills and how that changes his life is all about this fantastic movie.

  • Cast : Harsh Mayar – Chhotu / Kalam
    • Gulshan Grover – Bhati
    • Pitobash – Laptan
    • Beatrice Ordeix – Lucy
    • Hussan Saad – Kunwar Ranvijay Singh
  • Director : Nila Madhab Panda

3 Idiots Full Movie

motivational movies bollywood - positiveping

The 3 idiots full movie is about three guys Rancho ( Aamir Khan) Farhan (R. Madhvan) and Raju ( Sharman Joshi) who studies in a top technological institute in Delhi. This movie is not only my favourite but I believe it’s everyone’s favourite movie of all time. One of the most watched and most inspiring movie that can make you sit on the couch till the end. Some motivational movies bollywood are not made they are created in the way that touches everyone’s heart, and this movie is a perfect example.

The movie starts with introduction of the institute and about these 3 idiots who took admission in this college. All the three stays in a same room while Rancho is extra brilliant with great sense of humour, Raju is a bit coward and serious while Farhan is a passionate wildlife photographer. The movie is about how all these 3 idiots faces ups and down but still at last find their way to success. This movie teaches us to believe in one self and do what you are good at rather than running a rat race. Rancho is very inspiring character in this movie as not only he becomes a super success, but also inspire his friends Farhan and Raju to follow their heart, and do what they are good at and not what others want them to do. This movie is about the experience, struggles, failures and success of these 3 idiots who inspire us to live a legendary life.

In this movie Rancho aka Phunsukh Wangdu keep saying one famous phrase “Follow excellence and success will by itself follow you”. This line became very popular and influenced many people to follow their passion and become a success. 3 idiots full movie has grabbed many awards all over and became a huge hit with acclaims all over the world.

  • Cast : Aamir khan – Rancho / Phunsukh Wangdu
    • R. Madhvan – Farhan
    • Sharman Joshi – Raju
    • Boman Irani – Viru Sahastrabuddhi
    • Kareena Kapoor – Pia
  • Director : Rajkumar Hirani

Taare Zameen Par Movie

Taare Zameen Par Movie - positiveping

Taare Zameen Par Movie is another excellent example of motivational movies bollywood that has created a huge impact in the mindset of people, especially parents. Highly acclaimed and successful this movie takes us to the journey of a small boy Ishaan Awasthi ( Darsheel Safary ) who suffers from dyslexia. This movie brings out the taboo of dyslexia and proves that kids who suffer from this disease can easily live a normal life and can achieve huge success like any other normal kid.

In this movie Darsheel plays a character of Ishaan who is very silent and dumb child because of dyslexia. he hardly talk with anyone and also not good in studies. His classmates used to make fun of him, and even his parents scold him often. His teachers used to punish him as he never completes his task. While everything was going the same way one day he finds a teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh an art teacher who joins the school. Nikumbh came in his life as a catalyst, who finds his hidden brilliance and makes everyone realise his talent. Gradually Ishaan realises his potential and gain inner confidence under Nikumbh’s guidance and wins a painting contest too.

Taare Zameen Par Movie is an excellent example of realising one’s potential and focus on one’s strength rather than weakness. Before this movie was released no one was aware of dyslexia. But after this movie people became more aware and started dealing every dyslexia person with love, care and affection.

  • Cast : Aamir khan – Ram Shankar Nikumbh
    • Darsheel Safary – Ishaan Awasthi
    • Tisca Chopra – Maya Awasthi
    • Vipin Sharma – Nand Kishore Awasthi
    • Tanay Chheda – Rajan Damodaran
  • Director : Amole Gupte / Aamir Khan

Chak De India Movie

motivational movies bollywood - positiveping

Chak De India movie is an excellent example of teamwork and believe in self. This is amongst the best motivational movies bollywood that has marked its own way towards success. This is a movie of trust, unity, confidence and true teamwork. This is one of the best movie based on sports in India, which has true potential. This is also Shah Rukh Khan’s favourite and one of his best movie in terms of everything.

This is a movie about former hockey star Kabir Khan, who was tainted as someone who betrayed his country. For all the years he was mum but his inner self was in pain, and he wanted to prove that he was innocent and always served his nation with love and pride. Finally he gets an opportunity to be a coach for a women’s hockey team, and to prove his innocence. He builds up a good team with proper planning and teamwork. He makes strategies and make sure every one gives their best. His hard work pays off and his team wins the women’s hockey world cup with pride. With this win he also proves that he was not a traitor but a proud Indian player.

Chak De India movie was a block buster with winning many awards and appraisals. This was one of the best movie of Shah Rukh Khan’s career. An excellent movie with strong characters and solid storyline that has all the potential to win audience love and affection.

  • Cast : Shah Rukh Khan – Kabir khan
    • Vidya Sharma – Vidya Malwade
    • Sagarika Ghatge – Preety Sabbarwal
    • Shilpa Shukla – Bindia Naik
    • Tanya Abrol – Balbir Kaur
  • Director : Shimit Amin

Lagaan Hindi Movie

lagaan hindi movie - positiveping

Lagaan Hindi Movie is an enormously entertaining film, like nothing we have ever seen earlier than, and but utterly familiar. Set in India in 1893, it combines sports with political intrigue, romance with evil scheming, musical numbers with low comedy and excessive drama, and is therefore soundly in the custom of the entertainments produced by the Motivational movies bollywood which is the world’s largest.

I’ve seen solely five or six Bollywood movies, one among them in Hyderabad India in 1999, the place I climbed to the best balcony and shivered in arctic air con whereas watching a film that was effectively over three hours long and included something for everybody.The most charming side of most Bollywood movies is their cheerful willingness to interrupt into track and dance on the slightest pretext the movie I noticed was a few romance between a wealthy boy and a poor lady, whose poverty didn’t forestall her from producing back-up dancers whenever she wanted them.

This Lagaan Hindi movie took place during a terrible drought in a village. Poor villagers beg to be exempted from the heavy taxes led by Britishers. But the head of the British ruler Russell, showed his cruel face and challenged the poor villagers to defeat them in the game of cricket. He proposed a challenge if they defeat them he will levy the taxes for two years. Bhuvan the main character of the movie accepts the challenge inspite all odds. With a true determination and teamwork finally the Bhuvan and his team defeats the Britishers and get themselves free from any taxes in future.

This Motivational Movies bollywood is a true winner in all aspects. An outstanding performance, awesome storyline and superb performance of the cast, this film proved his worth and also got nominated for Oscars.


Above Motivational movies bollywood are some of the great movies to watch in once lifetime. These movies inspire, motivates and also entertain in every aspects. Movies are always an important factor or part in everybody’s life. These movies are some of the best collection of motivational movies that have proved their mantle. These were some of the names in this category, in the next blog I will take you with some more awesome movies.

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