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In A Beautiful Mind

In A Beautiful Mind lives a beautiful thought is a famous proverb and is very true.The Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash Jr.still teaches at Princeton and walks to campus each day. That these commonplace statements nearly brought tears to my eyes suggests the power of “A Beautiful Mind,” the story of a person who is without doubt one of the biggest mathematicians, and a victim of schizophrenia. Nash discoveries in game theory have an effect on our lives each day. He also believed for a time that Russians were sending him coded messages on the front web page of the New York Times.

In A Beautiful Mind“stars Russell Crowe as Nash and Jennifer Connelly as his wife, Alicia who is pregnant with their baby when the first signs of his illness turn into apparent.It tells the story of a person whose thoughts was of huge service to humanity whereas on the identical time betrayed him with scary delusions.Crowe brings the character to life by sidestepping sensationalism and constructing with small behavioural particulars.He exhibits a person who descends into insanity after which unexpectedly regains the flexibility to operate within the educational world.Nash has been in comparison with Newton, Mendel and Darwin however was additionally for a few years only a man muttering to himself within the nook.

A Beautiful mind Movie

A Beautiful mind Movie - positiveping

In A Beautiful Mind Director Ron Howard is able to suggest a core of goodness in Nash that impressed his wife and others to face by him to maintain hope and, in her words in his darkest hour, to believe that something extraordinary is possible. In The film Nash begins as a quiet however cocky younger man with a West Virginia accent who gradually turns right into a tortured secretive paranoid who believes he is a spy being trailed by authorities brokers. Crowe who has an uncanny means to change his look to fit a task always appears convincing as a person who ages 47 years during A Beautiful Mind movie.

At Princeton in the late 1940s, the early Nash silently tells a winner of scholarship that there is no single idea on any of the papers.When he loses at a Go game and then he has to explain:”I had the first move. My play was perfect.The game is flawed.”He is conscious of his impact on others ”I don’t much like people and they don’t much like me”and remembers that his first grade trainer mentioned he was “born with two helpings of brain and a half helping of heart.”It is Alicia who helps him discover the guts. She is a graduate student after they meet is interested in his genius, is touched by his loneliness is ready to settle for his thought of courtship when he informs her, “Ritual requires we proceed with a number of platonic activities before we have sex.”

To the diploma that he could be touched, she touches him though usually he appears trapped inside himself Sylvia Nasar, who wrote the 1998 biography that informs Akiva Goldsman’s screenplay begins her e-book by quoting Wordsworth about “a man forever voyaging through strange seas of Thought alone.”Nash’s schizophrenia takes a literal visible type. He believes he is being pursued by a federal agent Ed Harris and imagines himself in chase scenes that appear impressed by 1940s crime films. He begins to seek out patterns the place no patterns exist. One night time he and Alicia stand below the sky and he asks her to call any object after which connects stars to attract it. Romantic but it surely is not so romantic when she discovers his workplace thickly papered with numerous bits torn from newspapers and magazines and linked by frantic traces into imaginary patterns.

A Beautiful Mind movie traces his therapy by an understanding psychiatrist Christopher Plummer and his agonising courses of insulin shock remedy. Medication helps him improve somewhat-but only in fact when he takes the treatment. Eventually newer medicine are more effective and he begins a tentative re-entry into the academic world at Princeton.

In A Beautiful Mind movie what fascinated me about the lifetime of this man, and I sought more information, discovering that for a few years he was a recluse, wandering the campus, speaking to nobody, ingesting espresso, smoking cigarettes, paging by means of piles of newspapers and magazines. And then in the future he paid a fairly unusual praise to a colleague about his daughter and it was observed that Nash seemed better.

A Beautiful Mind Cast

A Beautiful Mind Cast - positiveping

Inspired by the turbulent life of mathematician John Nash who won a noble prize in 1994 for his achievements, In A Beautiful Mind John Nash’s life is been tumultuous while suffering from long term schizophrenic delusions. This movie is a beautiful example of extraordinary performance by its cast which made this movie outstanding in every term.

A Beautiful Mind Cast in this movie is the main pillar and base that brings life to the movie. The performance of every individual who worked in this movie is outstanding and beyond comparison. Every actor has performed as par excellence and did a real justice to their character. The main lead actors are Russell Crowe as John Nash, Ed Harris as Parcher, Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Nash and Christopher Plummer as Dr.Rosen. Though every individual has given their best but the main credit goes to Russell Crowe who played the main character of John Nash. Below are the list of actors who played different characters in the movie and made it a super success :

Cast & Crew :

  • Director – Ron Howard
  • Producer – Ron Howard / Brian Grazer
  • John Nash – Russell Crowe
  • Alicia Nash – Jennifer Connelly
  • Parcher – Ed Harris
  • Dr. Rosen – Christopher Plummer
  • Charles – Paul Bettany
  • Sol – Adam Goldberg
  • Hansen – Josh Lucas
  • Marcee – Vivian Cardone
  • Bender – Anthony Rapp
  • Ainsley – Jason Gray Stanford
  • Helinger – Judd Hirsch
  • Thomas King – Austin Pendelton
  • Becky – Tanya Clarke

A Beautiful Mind Summary

A Beautiful Mind Summary - positiveping

Inspired by the tumultuous life of mathematician John Forbes Nash who in 1994 received a Nobel Prize in economic science after a lifetime of battling schizophrenic delusions this movie’s core is its vivid evocation of the ravages of chronic psychological illness.West Virginia native Nash Russell Crowe entered Princeton University’s graduate arithmetic division in 1948 when the self-discipline carried a whiff of post war glamour Mathematicians filled the ranks of WWII code breakers and helped win the struggle. Nash was handsome and good his conceitedness and social awkwardness had been tolerated for the sake of his penetrating intelligence.

Within a span of 10 years, Nash produced a pioneering paper on sport concept; shaped a lifelong friendship along with his roommate, the easy-going Charles Paul Bettany accepted a prestigious instructing and analysis place at MIT; was recruited for a top-secret cryptology venture by the U.S. authorities; noticed his theories start to realise favour with economists, married Alicia (Jennifer Connelly), a physics scholar; and was about to grow to be a father when his thoughts got here crashing down in a bathe of schizophrenic delusions. Only a few of these details are true however director Ron Howard presents Nash’s delusions in a fully easy method obscuring the exact second at which his notion of the world diverges from goal actuality. Sure, Nash’s secret work for the federal government edges into The X-Files, however inside the context of Cold War era paranoia about Communist sleeper brokers and Russian atomic conspiracies it’s miles from preposterous. When we lastly notice simply how intensive his delusions are and the way early within the movie’s narrative they had been launched, it is a real shock.

The success of this impact which helps elevate the film above a cultured disease-of-the-week saga, rests firmly on Russell Crowe’s performance, and it is a strikingly good and shifting one. But although primarily based on Sylvia Nasar’s biography of the same identify, the film should not be taken for Nash’s life story: Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman cheerfully admits that “most of the things that happen in the movie didn’t happen in John’s life.” And many issues occurred in Nash’s life that are not within the film, presumably within the interests of specialising in Nash’s battle to wrest some purposeful sanity from the fog of sickness. In actual life, Nash had extramarital affairs with women and men and fathered an illegitimate child; he fled to Europe on several events and became convinced he was in touch with aliens. And on the top of his sickness, Alicia divorced him, and then took him in when he was reduced to wandering the streets, unkempt and delusional, they remarried in 2001.

A Beautiful Mind Quotes

A Beautiful Mind Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon “In The Dynamics of Creation, Anthony Storr, the British psychiatrist, contends that an individual who “fears love almost as much as he fears hatred” might flip to artistic exercise not solely out of an impulse to expertise aesthetic pleasure, or the delight of exercising an energetic thoughts, but additionally to defend himself in opposition to anxiousness stimulated by conflicting calls for for detachment and human contact.21”
― Sylvia Nasar, Beautiful Mind

positiveping ikon “Nash’s lifelong quest for meaning, control, and recognition in the context of a continuing struggle, not just in society, but in the warring impulses of his paradoxical self, was now reduced to a caricature. Just as the over-concreteness of a dream is related to the intangible themes of waking life, Nash’s search for a piece of paper, a carte d’identité, mirrored his former pursuit of mathematical insights. Yet the gulf between the two recognisably related Nashes was as great as that between Kafka, the controlling creative genius, struggling between the demands of his self-chosen vocation and ordinary life, and K, a caricature of Kafka, the helpless seeker of a piece of paper that will validate his existence, rights, and duties. Delusion is not just fantasy but compulsion. Survival, both of the self and the world, appears to be at stake. Where once he had ordered his thoughts and modulated them, he was now subject to their peremptory and insistent commands.”
― Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind

positiveping ikon “James Glass, a political scientist at the University of Maryland who has studied the delusions of schizophrenia, writes, “Delusion provides a certain, often unbreakable identity, and its absolute character can manoeuver the self into an unyielding position. In this respect, it is the internal mirror of political authoritarianism, the tyrant inside the self … an internal domination as deadly as any external tyranny.”
― Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind

positiveping ikon “42 A few months after Nash got out, Baumecker called the Institute for Advanced Study and asked to speak to Oppenheimer about whether Nash was now sane. Oppenheimer replied, “That’s something no one on earth can tell you, doctor.”
― Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind

positiveping ikon “Among the students, the Phantom was often held up as a cautionary figure: Anybody who was too much of a grind or who lacked social graces was warned that he or she was “going to wind up like the Phantom.”10 Yet if a new student complained that having him around made him feel uncomfortable, he was immediately warned: “He was a better mathematician than you’ll ever be!”
― Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind

positiveping ikon “…his situation in Roanoke is a powerful testimony that lassitude, indifference and the peculiarities of his thought had been primarily the implications of his sickness and never of the early makes an attempt to deal with it.

The in style view that anti-psychotics had been chemical straight jackets that suppressed clear pondering and voluntary exercise appears to not be borne out in Nash’s case.

If something, the one intervals when he was comparatively freed from hallucinations, delusions and the erosion of will had been the intervals following both insulin therapy or using anti psychotics.

In different phrases, somewhat than decreasing Nash to a zombie, medicine appeared to scale back zombie like behaviour.”
― Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind


In A Beautiful Mind lives a beautiful thought is a famous proverb and go well along with this movie. One of the best and most influencing movie of all time that makes you stick to your couch till the end. A breathtaking performance of the cast along with a real inspiring story is what combines with a secret of super success. This movie describes very closely about the tumultuous life of John Nash and his journey from early life to his achievements.

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