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Best Of Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation is the best thing that can happen to you when you feel Monday blues. Monday is the first day of the week, and to start your week with confidence and positivity your Monday should be awesome. Motivation is a driving force that pushes you to achieve your dreams and conquer your fears. Daily dose of motivation is needed to succeed in life and also to keep moving whatever the situation is.

Monday Motivation is what we all need to start our week with confidence and dare to keep moving. I have seen people often fear Mondays as much as anything else when coming to work. Weekend is the best feeling for everyone as this allows to be free from work and pressure. But reality is that we all need to work and face Monday and this is a universal fact, so why not start it with confidence and fearless so that we can enjoy our weekdays as well.

Are you really in need for some Monday Motivation then look no further, I will take you to a journey of awesome motivational quotes with other different motivational stuffs so that you don’t fear Mondays anymore. These quotes are highly motivating and inspiring to help you in your path of getting rid of Monday blues forever.

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”When you rise in the morning, bless it as you are alive and living with your dear ones”.

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”Every morning is a blessing from god, Look out your window and feel the nature and its beauty to make your day awesome”.

positiveping ikon ”Starting your first day of the week with confidence and positivity, makes your whole week positive and beautiful. So always start your Monday with smile”.

positiveping ikon ”Either you run the day, or the day runs you”.

positiveping ikon ”Either you be miserable, or you motivate yourself with confidence it’s always your choice how you want to shape your life”.

positiveping ikon ”You don’t have to be famous or great to start, but you have to start to become great and awesome”.

positiveping ikon ”Your Monday thoughts decide your whole coming week whether it’s to be awesome or miserable, So think positive, good thoughts to make your entire week awesome”.

positiveping ikon ”Every morning when I wake up ‘ I say to myself that this is ”I” who will decide whether my day will be beautiful or miserable and not the events”.

positiveping ikon ”Life is so damn beautiful one just need to observe its beauty. One just need to see the bee humming, birds chirping, butterfly sipping the nector and every beauty of nature”.

positiveping ikon ”When you love the things you do, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Monday or Sunday, You enjoy every day working what you really love”.

positiveping ikon ”Don’t count the numbers of hours in your day, Make the numbers of hours in your day count”.

positiveping ikon ”A ship is always safe at its shore, But this is not what ship is meant for”.

positiveping ikon ”People will succeed only if they really do what they love doing out of passion”.

positiveping ikon ”If you don’t design your own life, then chances are you will have to accept someone else’s design that might not be as beautiful as you might think”.

Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation - positiveping

Fitness Motivation is the key in maintaining one’s fitness level to ensure optimum physical and mental health. There are few obstacles that comes in between you and your fitness regime, these are busy schedules, social media, higher expectations etc. I believe motivation is a major factor that influences everyone of us in every aspect of life. Motivation in fitness does the same to encourage us come out of bed and leave our comfort zone and exercise. We discourage maintaining fitness regime inspite of knowing its benefits like lower blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and low cancer risks etc.

When we talk of Fitness Motivation there is one picture that comes in our mind of six pack abs, broad shoulders, bigger chests and bigger biceps like a professional body builder. But it’s not the picture fitness does not mean to have a body like Arnold or Sylvester, though they are amongst the fittest people in the world. Fitness means to have a balance between your physical and mental level and spiritual too. Fitness is that your body is free from illness and have a good immunity and a right mental and spiritual balance.

Here are few of the Fitness Motivation that has been proven to bring out the best results in the long run :

Get A New Fitness Kit : Buying a new kit for yourself encourages you to start something positive in life. When you have the same old running shoes or fitness gear, you will end up feeling low. So getting yourself a new gear will definitely boost up your energy level.

Reward Yourself For Hard Work : This is one of the best practice to encourage yourself to work hard. Rewarding yourself for every single step boosts up your energy level and motivates you to move ahead and achieve your goals.

Look For A Personal Trainer or A Fitness App : This is another good step to start your fitness regime. Finding a good trainer or an app really helps you in getting the right exercise plus motivation to keep you moving. Even reading some Monday Motivation will help you out in gaining some confidence to start your day well.

Be Prepared for Future Goals : A good preparation is what really required to keep going in your fitness motivation goals. A good and positive set of mind and a nice preparation is a helpful tool in your fitness journey. You have to be mentally prepared before starting your fitness journey, and also to keep moving for the optimum results. (Monday Motivation)

Push Your Limits…But Gradually : Pushing yourself a little after every workout helps you built up your stamina and strength. If you are running on a treadmill for 10 minutes everyday, push yourself next time for 2 more minutes and more minutes till you achieve your maximum potential.

Motivational Posters

Motivational Posters - positiveping

Motivational Posters are great source of motivation in life. I have always been very fascinating towards these posters, as they helped me in becoming what I am today. I remember putting all these posters on my wall and when I wake up in the morning, the very first thing that comes in front of my eyes are these posters to make my day. It hardly matters from where you are getting the motivation in life. What really matters is you are using that motivation to live a life of your dream.

When you see these Motivational Posters on your wall, you will be surrounded by positivity all around. So here are some great source of inspiration to inspire you in the form of posters :

Motivational Posters - positiveping

positiveping ikon ”Dreams don’t work unless you do something to achieve your dreams”.

positiveping ikon ”Everyday is a fresh start, and a new beginning”.

Monday Motivation - positiveping

positiveping ikon ”What you do matters”.

positiveping ikon ”Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.

Monday Motivation - positiveping

positiveping ikon ”Keep Smiling and Keep Moving”.

positiveping ikon ”Worship your parents before god, As they are the physical evidence of that almighty”. (Monday Motivation)

Monday Motivation - positiveping

positiveping ikon ”Don’t be idle just do something”.

positiveping ikon ”Go get a life and keep moving”.

Monday Motivation - positiveping

positiveping ikon ”Life is always better, When we are Together”.

positiveping ikon ”Feel the gratitude for everything you have”.

Motivational Lizard

Motivational Lizard - positiveping

Motivational Lizard is a name that might sound strange or funny, but this is interesting. You must be wondering how can a lizard be motivating. So here is a catch. This lizard was created by a bored child named Vance Latta in his bedroom, he created this out of fun and boredom. Little did he knew that this will become a hit and will motivate too.

Motivational Lizard inspires thousands of people all over to continue thriving till they achieving their respective goals in life. These lizards comes in five different shades of the same identical features. They come in same length, height and features with a motivating slogan engraved on them. These slogans are there to inspire you and to have believe in yourself to live a legendary life. These lizards comes in specially packed double walled box with attractive prints and slogans on them. These are specially packed and delivered with care to the respective clients all over for handful of motivation. These lizards are very soft in texture and have slogans on their tummy for motivating us. Hope this lizard motivation works for you too and helps you in shaping your life.

Ted Talk Topics

Ted Talk Topics - positiveping

Ted Talk Topics are widely searched as this is one of the most popular talks in the world. Ted Talk is a platform that offers a huge content in knowledge sharing, discoveries, personal growth, motivation and much more. People all over the world watch or experience the knowledge shared in the Ted Talks and get inspired. Celebrities, Motivational gurus, Doctors, Influencers all over the world come to Ted and share their experience and also share vital informations and inventions. (Monday Motivation)

Ted Talk Topics can be anything from health to inventions or from science to technologies. Whatever in the world is happening in the field of medicine, technology, health, inventions, psychology or media all topics are covered in Ted Talks. Due to its immense popularity and engagement this has become one of the most watched show in the history of television and social media. Below are the major Ted topics that are been discussed all over the world by famous personalities :

Ted Talks Business : This is one of the most popular and searched topic in this show. Business influencers and entrepreneurs share their experiences how they became successful, and also shares latest happenings in the business. They share lots of tips and mantras of success with the budding start ups and entrepreneurs to encourage them in life.

Ted Talks Science : Every inventions and discoveries in this segment is discussed here with the people. Latest scientific facts and developments are discussed with reports and evidence. Famous doctors, medical practitioners and scientists are the main speakers in this platform. Latest inventions in the genetic, medicines, human body, genetic structure, and lot more research are presented to make people aware of the latest happenings in the science. (Ted Talk Topics)

Ted Talks Technology : Which is the latest gadgets in the market today? what are the futuristic advancements in technology? where we are heading in this field ??. These are the questions that we all ask and Ted Talks technology answers your every queries. Technology is one of the most interesting and popular topic that we love to know and discuss. Here on Ted we get all the answers as the experts shares the potential and discoveries and advancements in the field of technology.

Ted Talk Global Issues : We all are eager to know whats happening around the world. What type of issues we are facing or about to face in the future. Every aspect of global issues are shared by the famous personalities here on Ted, for more awareness. Global issues are the top concern for all the people around the world, especially our governments. We must know and do something for the survival and functioning of our planet.

Ted Talk on Personal Growth : How to be your best when dealing with crisis? How to conquer fear and live a meaningful life? How to maintain balance between work and family etc etc. These are few topics that are shared with the speakers on Ted Talks. Personal growth is very important for personal growth and for the growth of the society. This is also one of the most popular topic on Ted.


Motivation has a lot to do with our lives. Whether it is Monday Motivation or Wednesday motivation or some other it hardly matters. What matters is that we get our daily dose of inspiration to excel in life. We don’t need to focus on the source of motivation we need to focus on adding and using that motivation in living a legendary life. We as a human have huge potential and possibilities in achieving anything that we want in this world. This motivation helps us as a catalyst in reaching to that destination called real life.

Hey guys, I am the founder of My goal is to inspire and motivate people and help them become better. You can support me by following PositivePing on social media channels.

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