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Brainy Quotes to Start A Productive Day

Brainy Quotes “You know you can do it. Just go for it and try.” Have you heard someone telling you this recently? In the day to day life we may not receive such words of motivation from our managers or say your colleagues because they get busy in their schedules and the lined up meetings. And you want to hear these things from them to start your day to stop procrastinating. 

This article will be your personal cheerleader where you can come whenever you are in need of some positivity in your life. Start your day right and make it one of your most productive days that you will be always proud of. 

Grab a cup of coffee on your way to work or if you are working from home than too just grab a cup of coffee, sit in your favourite spot in the house and start reading the post. Have a kick ass start of your day with some great brainy quotes and many more to give you a happy start of your work. 

Always tell yourself first thing in the morning that “Today is the Day”. Don’t forget to do this daily and you will see the change in your thoughts eventually. 

Brainy Quotes to get Started: 

brainy quotes - positiveping

“Don’t forget that the great minds enjoy its excellence, an average mind loves the mediocrity, and last but not the least small minds adore its comfort zones. So here you are the one who decides in which category you fall in.” (Brainy quotes)

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“Don’t worry working silently, people will not notice you than but your excellence will speak for you” 

positiveping ikon “We all have vision but some grab it mentally and some have a crab mentality” 

positiveping ikon “Think Big. You deserve more in your life. Share beyond your limits and give more love. Then you will surely become limitless.” 

positiveping ikon “There is always a solution hidden in the problem itself. You just have to find the way to reach it.” 

positiveping ikon “It’s your day to Shine. And that’s totally up to you how you would like to put yourself in front of the world.” 

positiveping ikon “My thoughts are the reflection of who I am.” 

positiveping ikon “If you know yourself inside out then you can easily handle the outside world.” 

positiveping ikon “Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t work, think about where you have lacked and start working for a new plan.” 

positiveping ikon “A smart person knows what to say but a wise person knows when to say it.” 

positiveping ikon “Don’t expose your plans to the world, Show them your results.” 

positiveping ikon “Try to fill colours in someone’s rainbow.” 

Aesthetic Quotes 

Aesthetic Quotes - positiveping

The word ‘aesthetic’ is philosophical concerned with notions like beautiful and ugly. And the scientific reference for the same is involved with the emotionality and practicality with the base of beauty. The word is basically used for the artist or by the artist. (Brainy quotes)

When it comes to aesthetic, we tie it up with the word art. Sometimes they can appeal to our eyes so magnificently that we would not be able o turn around. They have some deeper meanings than what we just see on the surface. However, these aesthetic quotes will help you to see the beauty that is around you and within you in unexpected places that you never thought. 

Aesthetics are important as it plays a major role in the world and the way that we look at. It’s all around us it’s just the matter of looking around and sensing it. It’s in the imperfections of those that surround us. Learning to appreciate the beauty that is around you can brighten your world on another level that you haven’t even thought about. 

The realisation of the impact of aesthetics in your life can change the way you see the world. It will be different for you and will be good than the time before aesthetics. You will find and appreciate the beauty in unexpected places. It can help you understand and connect you with others and see things from their perspective. (Brainy quotes)

As you go through the day challenge yourself to see the beauty around and within you. Find it in the mundane interactions you have and in the familiar areas of life that you have overlooked. Think the way it can impact your decisions. Take time to sit back, think on it and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. 

You can start the journey of connecting from the aesthetic quotes we have mentioned here: 

positiveping ikon “Neither can you buy the vision or the Aesthetics.” 

positiveping ikon “Emotions that are aesthetic can put a man in a state favourable to the reception of erotic emotion. Art is the collaborator of love. If you take love away, art is not longer preset there.” 

positiveping ikon “Beauty is not something physical, it’s about how you feel from inside and that reflects in your eyes.” 

positiveping ikon “No one wants Art to be true and it is the big secret about it.” 

positiveping ikon “I will tell you everything about what matters to a person if you show me what they admire.” 

positiveping ikon “The broad demands of aesthetic judgment are permanent. Styles may change and the details may come and go.” 

positiveping ikon “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The more we explore places, the more we get to know that there’s a different aesthetic in every country.” 

positiveping ikon “A rich poet will not have any sense in his mind, except aesthetic.” 

positiveping ikon “Happiness is experiencing every minute of living with love, grace and gratitude. It cannot be travelled to, owned by, earned, consumed or worn.” 

positiveping ikon “The New Aesthetic is a series of observations.” 

positiveping ikon “There’s something tragic behind every exquisite thing that existed.” 

positiveping ikon “Nothing’s perfect, the world is not perfect. But still it’s there for us, being beautiful in all possible way it can be; this is what makes its o beautiful. 

Which of these aesthetic quotes are your favourite? 

Hope Quotes 

Hope Quotes -positiveping

Weeks can feel longer than usual when you are feeling low and the negativity can retard you. We all have been there and sometimes what we need is just a push to boost ourselves. Remember to give a pat on the back for the hard work that you have put in all the week. (Hope quotes)

We all have high hopes from our future and we all need to achieve everything we have ever dreamt of in our entire life. It’s easy for us to picture what we want and that’s what achieving a goal is. But the journey to reach the goal needs a lot of motivation and positivity

Hope is the key and the first step in the journey of being successful. We first hope about certain thing to happen and then start the planning to get to the destination. Without hope there is no way of reaching a certain point in our life where we are satisfied and happy. Hope is a powerful source, there’s no actual magic in it but when you know what you are hope for the most and hold the light of it within you, and you know you are going to get through all the things in life easily with a wide smile on your face. (Brainy quotes)

Remember one thing that life will be unfair with you but you have to deal that with confidence in your heart. There will be light in the darkness if you have hope within you. You can fight through all the difficult situations just with a hope in your heart. 

Every successful person in this world has a story of how he has achieved the immense success and happiness in his life. And the answer and the start of the story will always be HOPING. Keep this in mind and never stop hoping never ever. 

Let’s have some Hope Quotes for you all to get some motivation: 

positiveping ikon “The fruit of Patience is always sweet.” 

positiveping ikon “Seeing light in darkness is like Hope.” 

positiveping ikon “When there’s hope, life is beautiful.” 

positiveping ikon “When there is hope, there is vision.” 

positiveping ikon “It is better to hope than feel despair.” 

positiveping ikon “I do not judge the universe when everything is messed up. I just hope and work towards fixing it.” 

positiveping ikon “I hope for the best and I am prepared for the worst.” 

positiveping ikon “It doesn’t matter how slow you work towards your dream, what matters is you not stopping in achieving it.” 

positiveping ikon “Never let yourself defeated when you face difficulty in life. Raise your head and see the hope coming towards you.” 

positiveping ikon “If you lose hope, you somehow lose the vitality that keeps you going.” 

positiveping ikon “Never stop questioning. Learn from your past mistakes, live for your present and hope for a beautiful tomorrow.” 

positiveping ikon “If you only see deep darkness in your way which you feel is not ending than keep in mind one thing that you are getting near to that light of hope very soon.” 

positiveping ikon “Learn to walk even if you feel weak. Learn to work even when you don’t feel doing it. Learn to ask even when you know the response. Learn to hope even when you know everything is against you.” 

There are a lot of hope quotes which will help you get motivated throughout your day. 

Fight Club Quotes 

Fight Club Quotes - positiveping

In today’s world we suffer from life problem’s in the phase of 20s itself. And that’s not a good sign of a healthy life. The early mid-crisis hit us so hard that some of them break their confidence in the first level itself. There comes a time in everyone’s life when the usual life lessons don’t work anymore. We need some new life lessons to get prepared to overcome the new challenges that life throws at us. (Brainy quotes)

Facing problems in life and getting through it is very difficult. We get lost at a point in our life that we may not get the way out of it. This is where fight club quotes will help us feel positive within us and fight back through the emotions we carry. 

Fight Club is one of such movies that give us a real perspective of the world we live in. It’s a film that talks about an insomniac office worker, looking for a way to change his life. 

Let’s see some fight club quotes that will help you also to change your life and have a hold on the negativity: 

positiveping ikon “This is your life and it will end one moment at a time.” 

positiveping ikon