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Law of Attraction Quotes

Law of Attraction Quotes attracts everyone’s attention. Did you heard someone saying that behind their success is Law of attraction. The ones who believe in law of attraction will tell you their wildest dreams and how that turned into reality and how positive thinking made it happened.

But do you know how it works? What exactly is law of attraction?

Do you want to know the mystery and magic behind law of attraction? Then continue to read this article, I assure you at the end of the article you will get all your questions solved. So sit back, relax and Read.

Law of Attraction, What is it?

Law of Attraction Quotes - positiveping

Law of attraction is a belief that if you are having a positive or negative thoughts in your mind that will bring positive or negative experiences in your life. Your thinking brings all the experience in your life. The belief is based on people and their thoughts which are made of “Pure energy”, the way you think will be the way you feel.

Law of attraction is a simple unchanging universal principle. 

It’s not that complicated how we think of it. Below are the 7 laws of attraction that you can use in your life and start seeing the changes

  • Desire
  • Imagination
  • Affirmation
  • Focus
  • Profound Belief
  • Gratitude
  • Manifestation

We should believe that truth or lie cannot change anything. The better you start understanding this, the more you start expecting about what happens to you. Your awareness towards law of attraction quotes can change your life

Your manifesting formula should be: Think positive. Work hard. Trust the process and your work. Acknowledge it.


Law of attraction is works as the most powerful law in the universe for attracting your thoughts become reality.  You are creating your future with every single thought that comes in your mind. You create your reality in every moment of the day. You can’t stop having thoughts, they will keep coming. So you have to have a good, strong and positive thought.

If you are think energetic, excited, happy, healthy, enthusiastic then you are releasing positive energy around you, which makes you feel the same as you are thinking and spreading positivity in others life also who are around you. Likewise if you are thinking that oh man I not worthy, I didn’t gave my best, I am horrible, I am unhealthy, then you will start feeling disgusted and unhappy with lots of negativity within you which your spread in your as well as others life.

The universe, through the law of attraction responses in the way you think. Your thought process matters. You get back exactly what you are putting out.

Your energies and thoughts should be in tune with what you want to attract in life, what you want your reality to be.

“You Create what you Want.”

How Law of Attraction works?

Law of Attraction Quotes - positiveping

Every though we create it creates a feeling. When we say that I am feeling low today then you have to think about what were you thinking. The way you feel becomes your attitude and the attitude used no. of times becomes a habit, all the habits put together creates your personality and your personality coming into action throughout the day will be your destiny that starts from thought.

It goes like Thought-Feeling-Attitude-Action-Habit-Personality-Destiny put this in your mind because one wrong thought can destroy all this steps of yours. One wrong thought can change your destiny and one right thought can also change your destiny.

That’s why it’s called From Thoughts to Manifestation. (Sankalp se sidhi)

Your every thought is manifestation, its becoming your reality so that’s why your thought should always be positive and right. If you want to have a beautiful destiny, perfect health, happiness around you, beautiful relationships that will you nurture all your life than always create a right thought.

Say for example if you are tired from the work at the end of the day and you came home and everyone around you starts saying that let them rest they must be tired and listening to others also say that you are tired you become more tired. Instead of that say to yourself that You are fresh, energetic, happy and if somebody asks you how are you? How was your day? Just say that I am perfect the day was good. They everyone will think that you are good and not tired and thus will bring a positive thought in your mind and you won’t be tired anymore.

Whatever you think and say will become a reality. Create your thought what you want reality to be. Because your thoughts will create your reality.

Stop saying that you have problem repeatedly because it will grow with time when you think of it instead work on the problem think positive say to yourself that “All is well”. You will find the way eventually.

You can say it is like “Fake it till you make it.”

Your thoughts and feelings have effect on the events that happen around you. A shift in understanding the truth and the perspective towards it can begin to attract better things in your life.

You can begin the Law of attraction by consciously thinking of what you want your reality to be.

You can think differently.

You can focus on the things that you want in your life to become a reality.

You can manage your thoughts and feelings to create your future.

You can respond to situations in a different way. 

Ask yourself what you want, start believing in it and then once you think positively and believe in it you will eventually receive it.

Law of Attraction: How you can use it?

Law of Attraction - positiveping

We all have seen that Law of attraction works in our life. Intentionally start thinking about what you want from life, like relationships and love, money, health to make the law of attraction work.

Relationships and Love Be the love you want to attract. So you get the one you manifest about. Finding an idea partner, who understands your thoughts and who is loving can be a little hard work and frustrating process to go through. 

But don’t worry law of attraction is a great way to find true love. It includes working on yourself, your desires and your thoughts. It clears your vision of what you want in your life and it makes you more attractive as a person when you have a vision of your reality with you before that happens.

Attracting Money and Wealth in Your Life This can be the most common goal for all of us to achieve from law of attraction.  Money and wealth brings benefit in your life. Money can bring a lot in of things in your life like food to eat, roof on your head, clothes to wear and much more. In order to attract money, you need to say good bye to all the negative thoughts that you have in your mind.

Be thankful to for everything that you have in your life so that other things automatically starts attracting towards you. (Law of Attraction Quotes)

Physical and Mental Health GuidanceEveryday take some time from your day away from the noise of the city and clutter of your work.  Be in a quiet place for clarity and inner peace. We are always in hurry that we don’t sit for a while with ourselves and have a conversation with our thoughts. The Me time is important in everyone’s life to know who we are, what is important for us and where do we see our self. We need to calm of spirit and soothe the soul. 

You can start meditation. It is said that meditation provides inner peace and one can find a way to reach their goal in the process of meditation. While meditating you don’ focus on your day or your problem, your focus stays only on the mantra that you say or on your breathe. (Law Of Attraction Quotes)

It will be hard in first place to concentrate as your thoughts may drift and your mind can wander. Just remember not to be hard on yourself in this process.

Below is a structure that you can follow while meditating.

  • Find a really quiet and pleasant place, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing, no thoughts on your mind. Just breathe.
  • Start saying affirmative words or sayings and repeat that.
  • Slowly you will start moving in a state which is quite not only from outside but from inside as well.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by light.

The whole process of meditating will help you clear your mind which will lead to positive thoughts. You spirit is renewed, your body relaxes and your soul with find its calmness. This will help you becoming healthy mentally and physically both.

How this Law works in your Life

Law of Attraction

Now that we have learned a lot about what is law of attraction, how it works and how can we use it. Here are some tips that can come in handy while implementing this law in your own life. Begin by taking responsibilities for everything that you currently are in the process of attracting into your life. (Law of Attraction Quotes)

Take this to your heart because you are going to participate in the creation of the future you desire.

Thoughts determine the desire: You should have known by know how important your thought is in law of attraction. Every single thought that you have within you becomes the statement of your desires. The thought you think today, the feeling you have and the action that you take today is going to determine the experience of your tomorrow.

So it’s advisory to have positive thoughts in your mind to lead a beautiful tomorrow. 

Start Dreaming Big: Don’t bound yourself on not dreaming big because what you dream can one day become your reality. Believe that you can have it and then release it and let it go.

Positive Affirmations:  Positivity is the biggest role in law of attraction. Nothing works without an affirmation that is positive. Till now you know that your thoughts becomes you reality. So be positive, think positive and have positivity around you.

Clarification of Goals:  When you clarify your goal you become clearer of what you need to do and you start thinking according to it. If your goals and dreams are not clarified you stuck in the process of thinking because you don’t know what you need to do and this starts with negative thoughts, the whole process of law of attraction breaks her. 

So make list of your goals, note them down and start working towards it.

Create a Vision Board: Creating vision boards help us working towards our dreams when we feel low because once you see your vision board you know where you have to be and that gives you inner strength to get up and start working.

It keeps your mind focused.

These were all the tips will help you working with law of attraction.

Law of Attraction Quotes

Law of Attraction - positiveping

We talked a lot about law of attraction, now let’s look at some law of attraction quotes that will help you keep going in the process and give positive thoughts within you.

positiveping ikon “You have to become the energy that you want to attract.”

positiveping ikon “If you want to experience the reality the ways you want it then start thinking about it.”

 positiveping ikon “Whatever you believe, you become that.”

positiveping ikon “Be prepared to get what you want.”

positiveping ikon “Thoughts influence the body.”

 positiveping ikon “Whatever you think, you create it. How you feel, you attract to it. What you imagine, you become that.”

positiveping ikon “Attract Success in your life.”

positiveping ikon “Imagination is everything.”

positiveping ikon  “Dream big, think about it and turn it into your reality.”

 positiveping ikon “When you change your focus, you can your life.”

positiveping ikon “Start each day with Positive affirmations.”

positiveping ikon “Train your mind to see positive in everything.”

 positiveping ikon “You define a life you deserve.”

Your life can drastically be changed by improving the thoughts and the actions that you take. We hope that this law of attraction quotes inspires you attract the best thing for your life.

“Focus on what you wand and design the life of your dreams.”

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