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Love of My Life Quotes

Love of My Life Quotes. Love is that four letter word which we all look forward to have in our life someday. Love is imperfectly perfect.

We all look for someone who can love us like no one has loved us before. And it’s good to have someone who looks after you and is with you whenever you want them by your side. Love does not just means having physical relationship, love is more than that, It’s more like a mental relationship with the one because if you connect with them mentally you don’t have to worry about connecting physically that will happen eventually but if you are only attracted to the person because of the physic or the way they look then you will never end up with that person because you know Love is more than that and will always be. It does not care how your partner looks, you just care for how is thinks about both of you, how a person he is and nothing more.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon

Love will not make you happy always, with love comes the unhappy part also but that makes you better. Because love knows that he have to help you grow in life and sometimes growth hurt.

positiveping ikon Love will forget your birthdays and anniversaries but will never forget to take care of the bills. Love will bring you your favourite Ice-cream but will forget that in the car. Love will not be there to help you out with the baby but will be there to make the baby go to sleep. Love will never write a letter to you but when you need them they will be there by your side. Love will never bring you a flower but will take care of your essentials. Love will be away from you but will never forget to remember you your important meetings. Love tries and Love Succeeds.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love never thinks twice before forgiving you. Love is forgiving which lets you get away from a lot. It forgives you even before you ask for it, but sometimes make you say sorry, because it’s good to be humble with your partner. Love will hurt you and they know it, it will fail, times and again but will always believes you and know that every minute is a new chance to get things right. With forgiving, love is forgetful as well. It will forget the old and bad wounds and words. They will remember it sometimes but will always remain kind. Love will have the worst fight of their life with you and then end up making a cup of tea and some chaat for you and will always leave the last piece for you. (Love of My Life Quotes)

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love will understand your weakness. It won’t tease you when you are afraid to go out in a party or to drive on a highway or when you eat dozens of chocolates when you are stressing. They know that you love to have pizza and chaat all together and will know that you will be complaining about that later when your stomach feels sick. Love will be looking at you patiently when you wear their new clothes before them because they know you love doing that. They will give you your space when you are not in a mood to talk and sit by your side quietly. Love will laugh at your bad jokes in front of your friends so that you don’t feel embarrassed. Love is Kind and Loyal.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love believes in you. It becomes the cheerleader when you are in need. It supports you in every idea you share of becoming a chef, travelling the world, doing your own business and tries its best in achieving the goals with you for you. Love doesn’t hold it against you when you fail in making a good pasta, or end up with bad trip or fail in a business idea. Love encourages you every time but as soon as they start seeing you suffer through that they will tell you to stop.

positiveping ikon Love grows old with you. It sees you having difficulty in walking with a stick when you grow old. It changes the perception of beauty. Love handles you. Love knows that you do not like your hairs turning grey so to give you a company they colour their hair into grey. This is what love does to make you happy and feel good every time when you are low. Love teaches you a lot about being strong and seeing the ordinary into extra ordinary. (Love of My Life Quotes)

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love does not tell you to have those fairy tale fantasies they want you to see the reality. They tell you that there will be good days and bad days both in their life but they will face it together and get out of every situation together even better than before. Love will get through the situations, sometimes with style and clam, other times with bitterness and rough. But it will eventually get through.

positiveping ikon Love changes with time. At times it will be a spark, a fire, a willingness to deal with thing. And years later, it will be steady, understanding, firm, and solid as a rock. Love will bring you an umbrella when there’s a sign of rain. Love will protect you when you fall sick and will help you in completing the work that need to get submitted a week before. But don’t worry you have got a hand to do it.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon You think you know people and then you see what they will do for love’s sake, how far they will stretch the limits of themselves to care for the one they love and it makes you swallow, hard. Love will make you witness divinity.

positiveping ikon Love will not always make you happy; it will sometimes make you sad but that to for your betterment. Love will help you every day to become a version of yourself that you may have lost in a process and the version you didn’t even know that existed within you. Love will spread its arms to make you feel comfortable when you breakdown in the process.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love will never break your heart in fact it opens it and help you make space for other things to enter. You make a choice every day every minute of our life. Love is a choice. (Love of My Life Quotes)

positiveping ikon Love is understanding, compromise, sacrificing, tolerance and all the other scary things you can think of but still it feels so beautiful. Sometimes they fell to leave but they always stay. They sometimes feel to kill you but then they know how lonely their life will be without you. Love you turn away from you just to turn back again. Love never makes you realise how much they have buried themselves just so you don’t see the start or end of a trauma.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

positiveping ikon Love is both the awkward and graceful. It’s sometimes forced and sometimes natural. Love is wild. Love is restless. Love is healing. Love is hurtful. Love is confusion and clarity. Love gives you strength. Love makes you weak and vulnerable. It sometimes ties you down and sometimes helps you fly high. It is as rare as a pearl and as common as breath.

positiveping ikon Your special someone will always make you smile and feel better, compromise with you, listen to you, and be a constant source of support. Besides, the right person will lift you up and inspire you to follow your dreams and reach the goals you’ve always wanted to pursue.

Love of My Life Quotes - positiveping

Love of my life is fierce. 

Love is beautiful, it’s necessary. Love will never be something that you thought it should be.

Can we get to know some Love of my life quotes?

We present some of the loveliest and beautiful love of my life quotes for our audiences who can share it with their love of life.

  • “I want to have enough time to know the entire world, because you are my world.”
  • “You are my everything, I want to love you until my last breath and hold your hands when I close my eyes forever.”
  • “Words would never enough for me to tell you how much you mean to me.”
  • “My life without you will be morning without sun and night without moon.”
  • “You are a wish come true for me, now that I have you I don’t wish for anything else.”
  • “I don’t have to go anywhere to see the whole world because you know what I seen you and you are my world.”
  • “You are the answer to my question, the ink to my pan and the sweet to my cake. Without you I am incomplete.”
  • “Nobody in the world can change the love I have for you. You are my entire world.”
  • “You are my smile, you make me happy, you make my world go upside down.”
  • “The greatest happiness of life is having someone who loves you more than you love them.”
  • “Everyone becomes a poet with just a touch of love.”
  • “Love is the best thing that ever happened to me and pretty because it happened with you.”
  • “There will not be anyone in between us. I promise you.”
  • “I assure you, there will be forever in our story. We together will make that happen.”
  • “We show to the world how strong we are when we are together as one team.”
  • “I will always be waiting for you to come back to me and love me the way you did before.”
  • “You are the Sunshine to my day, My love.”
  • “You make everything so bright with your love that I don’t need any other light in my life.”
  • “The distance feels so small when we are connected through our heart.”
  • “You make me go smile even in my dreams.”
  • “Everywhere I look, I am reminded of your love. You are my world.”
  • “I fall in love with you every single day of my life.”
  • “Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you. I can only just see you.”

Finding love is one of the most coveted goals in life for most people. If you love, you can show it and do not have to be afraid of offenses because of your emotionality. Show your love how much you love them with this love of my life quotes. Share your beautiful memories with each other with the quotes so that if you are going through a rough day this lightens up you mood and you can end you day with you lovely person beside you with a smile.

We have written the love of my life quotes to make our users remember their love and share it with your partners.

You may be smiling or you may be crying because you are missing your love but don’t you worry remember that you are going to be with them very, very soon. It’s just a span of time which will pass soon and you won’t even realize when your love is right next to you.

Love of my Life Quotes for Him

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

So Girls, tell me how much do you miss your partner or how eagerly are you waiting to meet that special person of your life.

Do you know women tend think more emotionally than mans. 

They connect with their partners on another level of emotion. They share every bit of their days with their guy just because they want them to know their whole day so they don’t feel that you are not in their life. This might sound cheesy but this is what how it is.

Women’s express their emotions through many things like poetry, candle light dinners, love of my life quotes for him and many other things. They are to make every possible thing that he likes whether it is his favorite food, planning a surprise trip or surprising him with lunch in his office. They can do anything to make her guy go crazy for her every time.

To see a couple of persons who hug each other and whisper something pleasant into the ears is a rare case. The modern world became more serious and tough, and the majority of people try to be as ironical, sceptical and rude, as it is possible, and real men are always a bit insolent However, we forget about the fact that feelings and emotions are not about the mind; it should not be rejected but it still should not cover all that we feel. We somehow have forgotten to express our love to our person in this busy running life of ours.

Before you used to do a lot of things together to tell each other that how much you mean to one another but now as days grow your relationship grows you stop making the efforts you used to make before just because your relationship is old and grown doesn’t mean you stop making efforts for your loved one. Whether the relation is new or old you have to make efforts and tell each other that you love each other every passing day till your last day. This is how love is, this is how love works. Don’t take it so lightly once you get the person you love; you have to keep the spark alive so that your relationship does not become boring.

If your man looks strict and grim like Mogambo – be sure that he is a soft deep inside and wants to see the efforts you make to tell him how much you love him. Everyone needs to be certain in the place he/she takes in the other’s soul, so let your man know that he is important for you. Moreover, tell him that he means everything to you and watch his wide and happy smile. Just a little phrase can make warmer even a rainy and moody day; be a fairy for your beloved person.

Other thing you can do is that spend your time with him at home itself because let me tell you one thing most of the men’s loves to spend some quality time with his lady indoors in a comfort zone. Where they both can sit and talk for hours, where he can see his lady as long he wants. They don’t need fancy things, they just need your support and times to spend other things are just optional.

It is amazing, to be his only favourite! Every time when we want to accentuate that we deadly adore something, we say that it is our favourite object; we can use this word to express our highest appreciation to a person as well. “You are my favourite!” – is all that we need to hear by our close man or woman. Well, you even must not use these words, just express the same thought with the other phrases; it will be aimed at the same expression. Love is all about expressing and we should do it often whenever you feel like doing something special for your one just do it don’t give a second thought to it. 

Loving him and making him know that he is the only one is very important because he should know how you feel. And telling it in love of my life quotes for him can be a good solution for that.

How can you make him feel special?

Don’t worry, ladies! I have got a solution for this as well. With the following love of my life quotes , saying what you want to say can be a little easier and telling your man how you feel about him become a whole lot easier.

Love of my life quotes for him will work to show your appreciation for him while making him feel special.

positiveping ikon “I have known what love is just because of you.”

positiveping ikon “You are the centre of my world, the joy to my life and the success of my every achievement.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “I may not be your first girl, first kiss but I am surely your last everything.”

positiveping ikon “Every passing day, I love you even more than yesterday and I will love more tomorrow.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “Every morning is worth getting up when I am in love with you.”

positiveping ikon “You will be that part of me which I will always need.”

positiveping ikon “My heart was, is and always remains yours, My love.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.”

positiveping ikon “ I wanna wake up with and sleep with you my entire life.

positiveping ikon “I want to start my day with the sunshine of your love.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “Whenever I see you, you make my heart skip a beat.”

positiveping ikon “Your touch will always give me butterflies in my stomach.”

positiveping ikon “Your presence is what I want the rest of my life.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “If I got arrested to steal you then I would go to jail happily.”

positiveping ikon “I don’t need paradise because I already have you.”

positiveping ikon “I have found my peace in your presence.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “Love between us will also shine like a full moon day.”

positiveping ikon “I still turn pink when I catch you staring at me.”

positiveping ikon “I would use my last breath to tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “Let’s grow old together and tell our grand children how much in love we are.”

positiveping ikon “I met you and found everything that I have lost in past few years of my life.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “I need you like a heart needs a beat.”

positiveping ikon “I choose you over everyone because you are the only one who makes me smile without any effort.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

positiveping ikon “A morning without you is like a morning without tea.”

positiveping ikon “My night ends with you and the day starts with your pleasant smile.”

positiveping ikon “Growing old with you is what I am dreaming of right now.”

Love of my Life Quotes for Him - positiveping

In the honor of true love, these were some of the love of my life quotes. Remember to share this with your other half so that they know how much you are missing them.

Every woman would love to share that special feeling of love with her awesome guy. Just like women, men feel special and loved when they read those sweet words of love. So don’t wait and send the love of my life quotes for him. He can go gaga when he read those quotes and even start missing you more.

Drop a smile on your Lover!

The smile which you drop for them will also bring a smile on your face.


Love is not about giving expense things to each other. Love is sharing emotions with each other. Love can make you or break you so choose wisely and make love your strength and don’t let it break you. 

Let us know did you enjoy this article. If yes then drop a comment below and share the article with you partner.

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