Short quotes about friends
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Short Quotes About Friends

Short quotes about friends…What according to you is Friendship?

Friendship is a feeling, a bond between two people or a group who are your family outside your family. They are not related to you by blood but have the same heart as yours that gives lout love and care to the one’s they consider their home. It’s all about finding the yin to your yang.

Friendships are born in different ways; they all have the same goal of giving love and support to your dear ones. And finding a true friend like this is difficult but once you receive this gift it helps you keep going in your life even if they are not close to you, even if they are thousands of miles away from you they will try every possible way to cheer you up. (Short quotes about friends)

Short Quotes About Friends - positiveping

Through finding a career, stressful day at work, the breakups and every sad time of your life, your buddy, your best friend will be there for you always. And also when you tried out to take a dance class and couldn’t do well, they consoled you. They may not be visible to you or be physically present at the time you want them most but remember they are just a call away from you.

Whenever something big happens in your life or something happened unexpectedly and you are bumped because of that, you always rely on your friend who you know is there for you. They are your shoulder to cry when you breakup for the hundredth time with the same person, A listener when you are frustrated because of something or are happy to share some news, A screaming one when you do something stupid that they warn you not to do- this all means the world to you knowing that you have a sweet friend who supports you on your every step of your way. (Short quotes about friends)

Short Quotes About Friends

We have such friendships that impact on us a lot. They are the happiness and enjoyment we look for; they are sometimes pain in our ass when we are irritated but man they stick by your side no matter what happens. Friendships can be with anyone.

Your partner can be your best friend or someone from the family or a co-worker or your school buddy, it can be anyone who is the one who understands you the way you are and takes you in their life as it is with all the flaws. On a surprising note, our best friends can also be our loving pets, where we share all the things with them and forget our worry playing with them. (Short quotes about friends)


You know what is the precious gift of life? It’s having a best friend and sharing your life with them is a gift like no other gift that you can have. A true friend, your best friend will be your companion who will be there for you no matter what. You do not need to be someone else in front of them you can 100% be yourself and they will not judge you for anything you do, they will love you and support you through thick and thin.

They’ve been there for you through the good times, the rough moments, and everything in between. They pick you up when you’re feeling down and lift you up even higher when you’re on top of the world. They’re your other half and partner in crime. (Short quotes about friends)

friends - positiveping

So whether you want to tell your friend that you are happy to have them in your life or honour your friendships or just want to tell them how much they mean to you, these sweet short quotes about friends will perfectly describe your unique bond. We hope you enjoy these amazing friendship quotes. And don’t forget to share them with your best friends too and make them feel how much they matter to you!

  • When the rest of the world walks out, A true friend walks in.
  • When the silence between two people becomes comfortable, true friendship takes its place.
  • A single friend can be my world.
  • A friend accepts you with all your flaws and still loves you.
  • Your best friend can bring out the best in you.
  • A friendship that ended never really began.
  • Friendship is never an opportunity, it’s a sweet responsibility.
  • A true friend will never come in your way until you are going in a wrong direction.
  • Friendship ties the heart of the entire world with a golden thread.
  • I would prefer to walk in the dark with my friend than to walk alone in the sunshine.
  • There are many ships, big and small but the best one is the friendship.
  • We cannot force friendship on anyone that’s the reason there is no reason in friendship.
  • Friends are like books, they are few but hand selected.
  • I can simply be a friend to my friend.
  • Good times and crazy friends turn into amazing memories.
  • Friendships are not made, they are born.
  • Life is always beautiful with true friends by your side.
  • Friends do silly things together; you are not allowed to do it alone.
  • The priceless moment in life is when you find a friend with the same mental disorder as yours.
  • The purest love is friendship.
  • Friendship is a partnership that we have for our entire life.
  • A smile can begin a friendship.
  • Friends are the family that we choose.
  • You cannot do much without your friend.
  • I smile a lot more, laugh a little harder and cry a little less because of your friendship.
  • Friendships are never an accident.
  • Sometimes all the therapy you need is to be with your best friend.
  • If you have the right person by your side to support everything is possible.
  • Love is friendship set on fire.
  • It is never what we have but who we have.
  • A friend is the best support system.
  • The best thing to hold on to is the friendship in life.
  • A good listener is the best secret of a great friendship.
  • The cure to a bad day is your best friend.
  • You will never be alone if you are your own friend.
  • To forgive an enemy is easy but to forgive a friend is not.
  • Friends always make the good things better 
  • A friend who always disturbs you is the friend who loves you the most.
  • Always disturb your friends, don’t let them feel alone.
  • Friends are always there to cheer you up like a rainbow shown after a storm.

Friendship is the greatest gift that we all have in our life. The ones who are blessed to have good friends in their lives are very lucky because they have the support, love and care from their best friend. The thing that matters the most is that one friend by your side. Send these short quotes about friends to you BFF and let them blush for a while and then tease them to go gaga for the lines and laugh together. Spread love and laughter.

Short Quotes about Family

Short quotes about family

Family is the one with whom we grow up and is the most important to us. We should take out time every day to appreciate the loved ones who are there for us and are connected to us, the ones who are called as family should be always appreciated. (Short quotes about family)

It’s been said many times before, but no two families are alike. You may have some crazy and loud relatives, who judge you for your work or how you get dressed, some are completely unorthodox, while some are totally conventional, but the family you have will always be yours with no judgements. And, no matter what, your family makes up a huge part of who you are. Celebrate the ones who made you the person you are today with these heartfelt family quotes. Your family will be your strength and will provide you the security, they love you unconditionally and sometimes protect you from that relative who de-motivates you and drives you a bit insane. (Short quotes about friends)

Short quotes about family

Our major role in our life for our identities is played by our families, the great writers and observant have had such amazing insights into what it means to be a family. Read words from Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Barbara Bush, and George Bernard Shaw, among others, and see what they’ve had to say about familial bonds. And then remember to go Face Time with your mother — or is a family movie night more your style?

It can be difficult to put in words how much you love your family or how much they mean to you and tell them that they are not just important they are everything. That’s exactly where the short quotes about family helps. Every single one of these inspirational quotes encompasses the love you have for your family—even if they’re not blood related. (Short quotes about family)


Whether you’re feeling sentimental after a Hallmark movie or are just looking for some motivation as you begin to craft this year’s Christmas menu, there’s something heartfelt here that you’ll feel comfortable sharing with your entire family. We’ve also made sure to include mother quotes and father quotes on this list, so you can show your appreciation for your parents who shower you with unconditional love. 

We also love these words by philanthropist Peter Buffett: “It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.” Both of those quotes would be great to read to anyone in your family—especially on Thanksgiving Day. Those are just a couple of the wise words featured in this list.

Quotes play a powerful role. Merriam Webster describes the term “Family” as a social group made up of parents and their children. Though their definition is correct, I personally think that Family is more than that. I think that Family has a deeper meaning; it’s not just some relations – but a group of people that you hold closest to your heart. Family is what’s there for you through all your hardships and what brings you up when you’re feeling down. (Short quotes about friends)


Although Family can be incredibly embarrassing or annoying sometimes, it is also what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Despite everything, Family is who we trust the most and care for the most (and vice-versa), so we should always appreciate and recognise the blessing that Family is. So, whether you’re low-key thinking of ways to get out of a Family celebration, or simply just scrolling, I hope this collection of short quotes about family reminds you and helps you to acknowledge your Family.

  • It is said that the bigger the family the bigger is their problem.
  • Like you can’t scratch the annoying itch on your body, Family is like that.
  • Home is where your family is.
  • A family that eats together stays together.
  • Your heart will always be held by your family.
  • A family accepts you the way you are from your birth. 
  • A group of people who love unconditionally is a family.
  • Family means putting arms around each other and taking care of all the shit that happens.
  • The most important thing in the world is – Family.
  • The family will love you and support you unconditionally in every step of your life.
  • Family is a lifejacket that saves you from sinking in the deep sea.
  • All the things cannot be permanent but family is the only permanent thing.
  • We start and end our lives with Family.
  • The place where life begins and love never ends – Family.
  •  Family is everything, it’s not an important thing.
  • Family will always be your strength and weakness.
  • Children need the presence of their parents more than the presents.
  • In a family no one gets left behind or forgotten.
  • Family is more than blood.
  • A person should never neglect its family for business.
  • Having a place to go is home, having someone in that home who waits for you is family and both the things together is a blessing.
  • A man can travel the whole world and be happy but he will find peace once he returns to his family.
  • Nothing is better than going to a home where you eat with your family.
  • The memories which we make with our family are not replaceable with anything.
  • Home is Family and Family is Love.
  • The first essential cell of human society is family.
  • Family and friends will never let you go out of fashion so stick to them.
  • It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, what matters is the love and togetherness of your family.
  • Family is the first one who supports you when trouble comes your way.
  • A family needs to be united; it doesn’t matter if it is perfect or not.
  • When time takes your test, family is the best.
  • A mother’s love and father’s scolding is the way of showing how much they care.
  • Family is like music. It has some high notes and some low notes but sound beautiful.
  • A spoonful of smile, a jar of happiness, a cup of kisses and handful hugs is the perfect recipe for Family.
  • Family is not only the ones whose blood you carry but it also includes those who you love and who love you back.
  • A supportive family builds a home not just a house to live.
  • Family is a gift of God’s as you are for them.
  • Families are like trees. The branches grow in different directions but the roots remain the same.
  • A family is a world created by love.
  • God’s great masterpiece will always be family.

Family! Family! My lovely family. We all must be thankful to the god who has given us such a beautiful family that is there for us. Our mother never lets us sleep empty stomach; our father will scold us but will try his best to fulfil our dreams and wishes, the brother who teases and irritates us a lot but when we go away he is the one who misses you the most, A sister that will always be you first best friend with whom you share all your secrets. A bunch of these people are called as Family and I love how family makes all of us feel.

I hope these short quotes about family will bring you more closely to your family.


 Friends and Family are the two things that we should always keep near us. We will be nothing without them so respect both the relations and cherish them. These short quotes about friends will make you understand what a true friendship is and how you should always choose a friend wisely who can push you forward instead of dragging you backwards and short quotes about family will make you realise the value of your family and how you should thank them to always support you in every condition without judging you.

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