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Short Quotes on Happiness

Short Quotes on Happiness….Do you like awesome positive quotes about happiness? These short quotes on happiness will certainly hit the spot! We have created the very best happy quotes about life, so go ahead and be inspired!

To get true love is the luckiest thing on this earth. You should be graceful about the very moment. Life is full of sadness and happiness. Therefore, you need to have faith and be strong. Happiness is something we all look forward in our life and want to be happy in every stage of our lives. So, browse our vast collection of wise, inspirational, and short happy quotes and sayings. 

If you want some boost to your mood, you are in the right place. These short happy quotes are like feel-good sayings from famous personalities. It goes without saying that people love to read quotes for almost every occasion. These wise words will not just motivate and inspire you, but they will definitely help explain how you feel through the ups and downs of life. These quotes cover love, career, and happiness. (Short quotes on happiness)

Short Quotes on Happiness - positiveping

Everyone wants happiness from you. So do not let them do this. Happiness is actually a state of mind, which comes from the thoughts within. I hope these happy quotes about life can inspire you to let your feelings shine from inside.

Everyone is behind chasing happiness and finding it, but only a few know how to get it and where it comes from. Happiness is not a goal. Instead, you experience a journey every day. These quotes about happiness and smiling are something that will inspire you to experience it rather than finding it. Being happy with whom and what you are is the only thing that can make you happy, not what people expect you to be. (Short quotes on happiness)

Enjoy my latest compilation of funny quotes. Being happy is very vital and is something that everyone finally wants in life. There are different benefits of being happy in life for our relationships, performance, health, and even more.

Short Quotes on Happiness

Short quotes on happiness are for all of us who want to be happy. But for some they can only achieve it for a moment then it’s gone. As a human being, we have the desire to be happy in all the things that we do. We want to have better jobs, better status in life, and more wealth in order to be happy.  However, there is no certain guarantee of whether these things can make you happy or not.  The truth is, we must try to figure out what really makes us happy.

If you want to be successful and joyful, you must think positive, inspiring, and motivational thoughts. Sometimes we all need some inspirational quotes that bring  joy and abundance in our life to help us through a tough moment in our lives.

Every thought that comes in your mind and you think and every word that you say matters a lot. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be. The best part is — the universe will reward you when you change the way you speak to yourself.


These quotes can come in handy when we need them and want to be happy.  It can help us in discovering the path to happiness and contentment in life.  When you seem to see the darkness in your way or life, these quotes can remind you what is truly important and why you started in the first place. We all need a little bit of inspiration and we can only get them from these short quotes on happiness. Most importantly, you can pick the one that can inspire you the most and display it in your room where you can see it every day.

I’ve compiled a list of my favourite short quotes on happiness to help you reframe the way you think for this year and beyond. Start a good thing with a fresh and happy mind.

  • Be happy in every moment, the moment is your life.
  • Our happiness depends on us not on others.
  • The responsibility for you is creating joy when it brings pain.
  • The smallest and simplest thing can bring us happiness.
  • If you want to pay for a lovely moment then pay with happiness.
  • Happiness is the way- There is no way to it.
  • If you want to be happy, then be.
  • Giving and serving others consists Happiness.
  • Happiness is a kind of gratitude.
  • The most beautiful job in the world is to give happiness to others.
  • Happiness lies within you, that is why it’s your own treasure.
  • The time that you enjoy is not a waste of time.
  • It’s the little things in life that matters and makes us happy.
  • If you are not grateful for what you have then you won’t be happy with more.
  • Doing what you love is freedom and living that is happiness.
  •  A Happy person is always a healthy person from mind.
  • Life is simple, don’t make it complicated and make it happy.
  • When you cheer someone you are cheered up automatically.
  • Living the life of your dreams is the biggest adventure you will ever experience.
  • Enjoy your life. It is the most important thing.
  • Curiosity is the constant happiness.
  • To love and to be loved is the only happiness one wants from life.
  • The person who is happy will make the surrounding also happy.
  • Happiness is not out there, it is within you.
  •  The girl who is happy is the prettiest one.
  • If you find happiness people will be jealous so be happy anyways.
  • Lower your expectation or improve your reality; these are the two ways to be happy.
  • Pause and take a deep breath. Feel the happiness inside.
  • Being happy is what you have in your life, some people even don’t get what you have.
  • If you are not happy where you are right now then you will not be happy there ever.
  • Laughing helps you in getting through some tough times.
  • Happiness is a place not a direction.
  • Happiness is a by-product not a goal.
  • Interval between periods of unhappiness is happiness.
  • Happiness is the key to success.
  • Happiness is governed by our mental attitude and not our external conditions.
  • Happiness is nothing more than good health and bad memories.
  • Fight for your happiness- Learn to value yourself.
  • If you want to be wise, be happy.
  • One happiness can remove the memory of a thousand sorrows.

These short quotes on happiness will spread a lot of happiness around you and you will keep smiling in bad situations also like a true fighter.

Short Quotes With Meaning

Short Quotes With Meaning

What is life?

Maybe biologically there is only one answer to this question, But when it comes to philosophy. It has a lot of answers because each person has a different understanding of life. What you think about life may not be the same for others. But everyone’s understanding of their life can help us to lead a better life for us. (Short quotes on happiness)

Life can get really busy and it can become easy to think about what is really important and meaningful to us. We can easily get caught up in the daily monotony of life from work to our responsibilities.

While our responsibilities and routines are important, it can also lead us to forget about the deeper meanings of things. We sometimes should stop for awhile and think about what matters to us and what is good for our life.

Short Quotes With Meaning

Quotes with meaning can help in our life to appreciate the things and value what we have right now. A meaning and inspiration to our life is given. These short quotes with meaning are suitable to those people who are in search of some inspiration and motivation in their lives especially when they are feeling low and are unhappy in what is happening in their life.

Some quotes can inspire us to go out there and find a way to turn our dream into reality. You can find them give you more motivation and inspiration in life. If you want to look forward to a bright new shining day after having an awful experience that has broken you, then you can go through some of these motivational quotes that will bring back your spark of achieving your dreams. We have a lot of blessings and should thank God for whatever he has given us, even the strength to fight against our weakness and for giving us some lovely people in our lives. It becomes hard sometimes and scary too to understand the meaning of your life, the purpose of your life, but by sharing and caring for people around us who love us and whom we love the most, you can give a meaning to your life. From these short quotes with meaning do tell us which of them have influenced you more.

Short Quotes With Meaning

When you feel stuck or need a good dose of inspiration for yourself and what to find out a solution to come out of that these quotes can come in handy, they can definitely help you find a way out. Be sure to help your brain with some motivational quotes and sayings in life on a daily basis, since it should be done regularly so that your body gets trained and your mind gets relaxed.

To get motivation and inspiration daily for making a better decision in life, Inspirational quotes are very much useful. They help us to delete the negativity from our surrounding and also from our mind, stress and depression are revealed from the help of this quotes. This day’s people are more stressed of the situation they face and are not ready to fight against that as they are lack of motivation and inspiration. People this days are working like robots without giving a break to their life, just moving forward in fact running they should rest they should take a break and rest for a while in a positive and happy environment. Humans are blessed with some infinite capabilities but they have not realised it yet. So learn something from this life meaning quotes that will help you lead a better life. (short quotes with meaning)

Life has a lot of things within it that helps us to learn and understand new things and situations that we should take care of and learn from them. It is necessary that we be happy in our life and do things that make us happy in life, not the things that we just do for sake that should be ignored totally.

Here this is our newest post on Meaningful Quotes with Good Vibes. We strongly believe this collection of quotes could add meaning to your life while helping you to be a successful person. In addition to that, this collection includes meaningful quotes about Friendship, Life, Life wisdom, Life Motivation and Many More. Just check the collection and remember to share this. (Short quotes on happiness)

  • You are an entire ocean in a drop not a drop in an ocean.
  • We are only pieces, love is the whole thing.
  • Try, until that you will never know if you will succeed or not.
  • Make your way to the things you want, don’t wait for them to come to you.
  • Great things happen to you because of your hard work not your fortune.
  • You should have the courage to go after your every dream.
  • Reaction to yours is more important than what happens in your life.
  • Cross the comfort zone and see so much you can achieve.
  • Focus on the one strength that you have instead of focusing the weakness.
  • The view never changes until and unless you are the lead dog of the shed.
  • A coward dies everyday but the brave dies once.
  • Bravery is into finding something more important than fear.
  • There is no try either you do it or not.
  • Anything is possible if you think it is.
  • Courage is knowing what not to fear about.
  • If you were the only one who believed you, would you believe yourself?
  • Before wanting someone else’s trust, gain your trust for yourself first.
  • Never ever underestimate yourself.
  • Understand weakness if you want to be strong.
  • Dreams don’t have expiry dates.
  • A meaningful silence is better than a meaningless word.
  • Life is all about how you handle the backup plans.
  • The best way is always tough to pass.
  • Best dreams happen when you are awake.
  • Anything’s possible when you choose hope.
  • Every moment of life is a fresh beginning.
  • When you believe you can, you reach halfway.
  • The time will never be right so don’t just wait to make a move forward.
  • It is never too late to start something new.
  • Do what you love and make you happy, money will follow you.
  • The harder I work, the nearer I get to success.
  • Our life’s purpose should always be happy.
  • Invent your future. It is the best way.
  • Change of thought can change the world.
  • I will go anywhere as long as it is taking me forward.
  • Choosing a goal and walking in the direction to achieve it changes a lot.
  • Your dreams should never be greater than your memories.
  • Courage helps you in achieving your dreams.
  • Your strength is more powerful than you think.
  • The obstacle in your way will never be your path, it will be your thoughts. 

We hope these short quotes with meaning gives you a meaning in life and you find a way to live peacefully.


Life sometimes seems simple and easy going but it is not life is never an easy going thing we struggle a lot on every step of life but how we deal with situations make us look at things easy or tough. If you play wisely and confidently then life will seem easy to you but on other hand if you are afraid of everything that happens to you in life and handle situations weakly then life will be a struggle to you. You won’t be happy in the way you live neither the people who are in your life will be happy with you. So it is advisable to fight against every situation of life in an appropriate and good way with a plan in your head and happiness surrounding you. Being happy can make a whole lot of difference in your life. Happiness brings strength in your life, peace in your mind and a clear path for your life on which you walk with confidence like a warrior because you are happy and you spread that happiness with everyone and didn’t keep that blessing only to you but spread to others as well.  (Short quotes on happiness)

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