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    Short Quotes On Motivation

    Quotes are very powerful. Remember the most famous motivational quotes for morning by Benjamin Franklin, “early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle has totally discarded the value of morning time portrayed in these motivational morning quotes. These short quotes on motivation have remained only till messages and diaries, but it should not be the situation anymore. It is time to revisit these motivational quotes for the morning to freshen up our lives and accelerate our growth. They say that the early bird catches the worm and that seems to be true for some of the world’s most successful people. Getting up…

  • John Mulaney Quotes
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    John Mulaney Quotes

    John Mulaney is one of most popular stand-up comedians in America. Beside this, he works as actor, writer, and producer. If you haven’t seen Mulaney’s stand-up specials, please do so immediately. Mulaney worked behind the scenes on some of the most iconic sketches to date. Now, as a successful comedian, actor, and writer, the public gets to see his humour in all its glory. If you need to improve your day we suggest reading some of the best John Mulaney quotes below. His comedy will surely change your mood for the better and his talent is unparalleled.  A comedian can change your day upside down. If you are going through some tough times in life then you can…

  • Motivational Interviewing Techniques
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    Motivational Interviewing Techniques

    Motivational Interviewing Techniques….A behavioural change intervention that is growing in popularity within physiotherapy practice is Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is a co-operative way of talking. MI empowers clients in their own motivation to change their behaviour. MI is suitable for treating the frequent problem of ambivalence against behaviour change of clients. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative guide to elicit and is person- centered with strengthening motivation to change in a counselling setting and this is according to the founders William Miller and Stephen Rollnick. https://positiveping.com/2020/05/18/intrinsic-and-extrinsic-motivation/ A motivational interviewing process is built on mainly four foundational values. Most of the health care practitioners prefer integrative medicine ones, find that these are already part…

  • The Alchemist quotes
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    The Alchemist Quotes

    The Alchemist Quotes…..The Alchemist, a book written by Paulo Coelho, is a timeless tale of love and adventure, despair and possibilities. It’ll inspire you to live a life that feels like your own. A young and adventurous Andalusian shepherd named Santiago, had a dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church. In the dream, he hears a child telling him to seek treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. Santiago consults a gypsy woman telling her about the dream he had the other day and the women to his surprise told him to go to Egypt in search of the treasure. He traveled…

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