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Autobiographies are type of biographies that are written by the author itself. Like in biographies which are written by other people based on the their life, autobiography is self written. In an autobiography the author attempts to capture important elements of his/her life. He mentions about his early life, family life, career and even personal life in the book.

While writing Autobiographies the author wants to make sure that he writes everything about his life that his audience wants to read. The book should be in such a way that makes the audience feel motivated, confident and blessed while reading it. Some of Autobiographies are written in a form of fictional tales and stories that makes reading it very interesting and it binds the reader with its appeal. These are great motivator for people who want to succeed in life and plays a major role in bringing out people from their comfort zone.

Autobiography of a Book

Autobiography of a Book

I am a Book. The Autobiography of a Book is my story. I am writing this story of myself, my journey, my struggles and my happiness so that you can know me better and in a more precise way. I am writing my story to tell you all people that i still hold importance and this technology can not ruin my life. Being a book is something that is of great value in people’s life and everyone’ journey begins with me. I am a great companion for everyone, and when i am around no one can feel alone.

Some of Autobiographies are really great but my autobiography also holds importance and meaning in life. As a book i have always been useful to people in providing knowledge and enhancing their skills. I have also seen struggles when technology tries to replace me but i bounced back. As the time passed my appearance and style got more smart and i looked attractive and people started loving more than before.

Autobiography of a Tree

Autobiography of a Tree - positiveping

I’m a tree, tall and imposing, standing all alone close to the campus of a temple. The Autobiography of a Tree is about my life that is so attention-grabbing as, I see an enormous spectrum of society, humorous gestures of individuals, and listen to all types of dialog of the devotees who move by me.

I used to be not all the time so enormous. As is true of all dwelling beings I used to be additionally a very long time again, a younger sapling with this enormous tree inside me. At that point I appeared contemporary and delightful as all different beings who’re younger, however, at the moment I used to be after all not so imposing. This is what I’ve seen about life that, each stage has one thing good about it.

I perceive that, I’m a peepal tree which simply grows anyplace and in every single place. Ever since I used to be younger, I bear in mind a number of folks coming to my root and worshipping me. They would gentle an earthenware lamp, and put it close to my root, say their prayers and go away. This was a each day ritual which scores of individuals adopted at my root ever since I can bear in mind.

As I began rising up greater and larger, the temple authorities put a two ft wall like boundary round my trunk. This was executed to guard me from being destroyed by crowds who thronged to me. Since I’m close to a temple, I’ve all the time had the pleasure of a whole lot of firm each day and, the good honour of being worshipped by scores of believers daily.

Now, I am a full grown tree, and that two feet wall has been transformed right into a broad platform throughout me, with my root out of sight, and the trunk additionally considerably lined from imaginative and prescient Here on the platform folks sit and say their prayers and chill out. At instances additionally they devour their temple prasad whereas sitting on this platform.

Oh, what a beautiful feeling it’s to be so beloved and cared for and, above all, being so honoured and revered. This honour is given to me as, I perceive now that, a bit of the Indian society thought-about me a holy tree to be worshipped. This is why there’s a lot hype about me and my kin.

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