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    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, What is this?  Anyone have any idea about it? Do you know what they mean and what they do? Mostly the answer will be No! This article will give you a little bit inside of what Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation is. Let’s start knowing about it by first looking at the meaning of both of the motivations. Motivation, a reason that helps us acting or behaving in a particular way. And Intrinsic and Extrinsic are the two types of motivation. Extrinsic motivation is an external form of motivation. For example, In your professional life there comes a point where your promotion is dependent on a project that…

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    Short Quotes on Happiness

    Short Quotes on Happiness….Do you like awesome positive quotes about happiness? These short quotes on happiness will certainly hit the spot! We have created the very best happy quotes about life, so go ahead and be inspired! To get true love is the luckiest thing on this earth. You should be graceful about the very moment. Life is full of sadness and happiness. Therefore, you need to have faith and be strong. Happiness is something we all look forward in our life and want to be happy in every stage of our lives. So, browse our vast collection of wise, inspirational, and short happy quotes and sayings.  https://positiveping.com/2020/05/13/short-quotes-about-friends/ If you want some boost…

  • Short quotes about friends
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    Short Quotes About Friends

    Short quotes about friends…What according to you is Friendship? Friendship is a feeling, a bond between two people or a group who are your family outside your family. They are not related to you by blood but have the same heart as yours that gives lout love and care to the one’s they consider their home. It’s all about finding the yin to your yang. Friendships are born in different ways; they all have the same goal of giving love and support to your dear ones. And finding a true friend like this is difficult but once you receive this gift it helps you keep going in your life even…

  • Short quotes about Love
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    Short Quotes about life

    Short Quotes about life…. We live our life the way we wanted it to be. The journey of life is meant to be embraced to the fullest every single day we live. However, it doesn’t mean that you wake up every day ready to seize the day, and sometimes there are days where we need reminders that life is a great gift that we have. Some life experiences are very simple, and on the other hand some are so difficult that it gets hard for us to even move on. We all experience a wide variety of situations and struggles in our everyday lives that we look for some life…

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    Short Motivational Quotes

    Short Motivational Quotes….What do you think keeps us going in life and living it in the way that we want, that makes us happy? Do you know what it is? No? Let me tell you a little secret of mine.  See whenever you feel low, you feel giving up on something than remember one thing and ask yourself on that why you started this on the first place and here your willingness to work on it starts again. You get that power in yourself on working hard because you remember why you had started that and what your purpose was doing it. If it wasn’t something worth then you won’t…

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    Forrest Gump Movie

    Forrest Gump movie is American comedy-drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Eric Roth which came out in 1994. It is based on the novel with the same name which was published in 1986 by Winston Groom. Forrest Gump movie was released in the United States on July 6, 1994. After the release it received a favourable review for Zemecki’s directing with Hanks’ performance and other things like the visual effects, the music and the script. At the box office the film was an enormous success; it became the top-grossing film in America released that year and also earned over US $677 million worldwide during its theatrical run which made it the second highest-grossing…

  • J.K Rowling
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    J K Rowlings

    J K Rowlings aka Joanne Rowling was born on 31st July 1965 at Yate General Hospital near Bristol, and grew up in Gloucestershire in England and in Chepstow, Gwent, in south-east Wales.Her father, Peter, was an aircraft engineer at the Rolls Royce factory in Bristol and her mother, Anne, was a science technician in the Chemistry department at Wyedean Comprehensive, where Jo herself went to school.  Anne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Jo was a teenager. Anne, died after ten years suffering from multiple sclerosis. Rowling was writing Harry Potter at the time and had never told her mother about it. Her mother’s death heavily affected Rowling’s writing. Joanne also has a younger sister,…

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    The Book of Help

    The Book of Help helps us a lot when we are in a difficult phase of our life or need some motivation. For some people books are their friends in loneliness and support in difficult times. Especially if you are an introvert books play a very important role in your life. We learn a lot from reading; books teach us a lot, the discipline, the values and the ethics. We get all this from reading books that helps us develop our personality and have a sharp mind that leads to have a successful life. You can never get rid of a good book, the book of help which is always…

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    Love of My Life Quotes

    Love of My Life Quotes. Love is that four letter word which we all look forward to have in our life someday. Love is imperfectly perfect. We all look for someone who can love us like no one has loved us before. And it’s good to have someone who looks after you and is with you whenever you want them by your side. Love does not just means having physical relationship, love is more than that, It’s more like a mental relationship with the one because if you connect with them mentally you don’t have to worry about connecting physically that will happen eventually but if you are only attracted…

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    Law of Attraction Quotes

    Law of Attraction Quotes attracts everyone’s attention. Did you heard someone saying that behind their success is Law of attraction. The ones who believe in law of attraction will tell you their wildest dreams and how that turned into reality and how positive thinking made it happened. But do you know how it works? What exactly is law of attraction? Do you want to know the mystery and magic behind law of attraction? Then continue to read this article, I assure you at the end of the article you will get all your questions solved. So sit back, relax and Read. https://positiveping.com/2020/03/22/inspirational-quotes-about-life/ https://positiveping.com/2020/04/13/brainy-quotes-to-start-a-productive-day/ Law of Attraction, What is it? Law of…

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